Elizabeth, Supervisor of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods.

Meet The Staff: Elizabeth Streczyk, Supervisor of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods

Elizabeth Streczyk started as a sales associate and grew to be the supervisor of freezers and refrigeration. She has been working for Earthlight since August 2014.  Her responsibilities include:  ordering meat and dairy inventory, and working with local farmers to supply our clientele with the freshest meat and dairy products possible.

Her favorite part of working with Earthlight is her relationships with the people she works with, her close contact with local farmers, and Earthlight’s unwavering commitment to quality.

One of the things she is most excited about this year is to be bringing new products into the meat and dairy department.  She is currently working on sourcing a local, organic yogurt for our dairy department.

When not at work she enjoys cooking, hiking, and visiting new rural areas.

Favorite Product: Harvest Home meats, for the owner’s integrity and commitment to his animals.

Fun Fact: Liz has been living without a car for six years now and rides a bike to work almost every day.