Kelli, Our Assistant Front-End Manager

Meet The Staff: Kelli, Assistant Front-End Manager

Going on twelve years this February 2016, it would be safe to call Kelli Reeves one of our stalwart employees.

Kelli has always had an interest in natural foods, cultivated by her mother, who cooked everything from scratch and followed a natural approach to healing. Kelli began her career in the natural foods industry in her native state of Utah, but gained the bulk of her experience in her 12 years at Earthlight. She credits her community as the reason why she knows so much about nutrition and supplementation.

Kelli’s guiding philosophy for health is to listen to your body, and that food is the answer to every day wellness.  That’s the key to keeping her family of six in good health.  Her favorite part of working at Earthlight is the flexibility she finds here, and the feeling of family.  She also enjoys working with Grace--of course.

Favorite Supplement: Anything from Mega Food.

Fun Fact: Kelli has traveled far and wide to places as exotic as Africa. Seeing how people live in other parts of the world has really shaped her as a person. She also has had four children, three of them were home births.