Meet the Staff: Stephanie Our Assistant Manager

When assistant manager Stephanie LaPorta was asked how long she has been working for Earthlight, she cited 22 years, choosing to count the many years working behind the register as a child, bagging for her grandparents who owned the Earthlight location on Quaker Alley in Stroudsburg (now closed).

In addition to handling the everyday hub at the front end of the store, she has various responsibilities in the back of the store as well, such as buying for the supplement department, and handling accounts payable.

When asked her favorite part of coming to work she stated how she loves being a buyer. Her negotiating skills allow her to get the best prices for her customers, which is something she feels good about.  She also loves finding fresh new products.

Favorite Supplement:  Probiotics, for their immune boosting properties.

Fun Fact:  Stephanie has a great love of cats, which has compelled her to seek out a specialized breed called a Bengal cat, who apparently spends most of his time following her around the house howling.