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A picture of a stethoscope and a heart figurine.

Adaptogens, Stress, and Your Heart

Stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, including our hearts. Fortunately, a group of herbs exist that help balance stress. They are called adaptogenic herbs.

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Steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

Rethink Dessert: Wise Choices for a Healthy Diet

These wise dessert choices will keep your healthy diet on track while satisfying your sweet tooth.

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Earthlight Monthly Sales Flyer

Monthly Sale Flyer

Every month Earthlight offers sales and specials on an array of products. Take a look at this month's deals!

Have our sale flyer delivered right to your inbox the first day of every month by signing up for the Earthlight Newsletter.

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Tea being poured from a traditional Japanese tea kettle.

4 Foods To Support Eye Health

Give your peepers some attention! In addition to wearing protective sunglasses while outside, getting annual eye checkups and supplementing wisely, fill your plate with vision-supporting foods.

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Save 10% to 15% off during Sale Weekend!

Sale Weekend — Save 10% to 15% Off Of Your Purchase

Save BIG every third weekend of the month!

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Our Team

Join Our Team!

Earthlight is currently hiring. Learn about the different job opportunities we are offering.

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