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A selection of dairy products.

How to have Dairy Without the Guilt

With a little education and smart decisions you can still enjoy your favorite milky treats.

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Save 10% to 15% off during Sale Weekend!

Sale Weekend

Save BIG every third weekend of the month!

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Happy Earth Fish Cakes with Dill Tzatziki Sauce.

Happy Earth Fish Cakes with Dill Tzatziki Sauce

In honor of World Environmental Day, it is only appropriate this recipe has a main ingredient that is sustainable and delicious: Sardines!

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Woman in kitchen chopping vegetables.

Sustainable Eating: How to Save the Earth Without Leaving Your Kitchen

By becoming more conscious of our decisions in the kitchen, we can make a real difference.

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Kelli, Our Assistant Front-End Manager

Meet The Staff: Kelli, Assistant Front-End Manager

Going on twelve years, it would be safe to call Kelli Reeves one of our stalwart employees.

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Our Team

Join Our Team!

Earthlight is currently hiring. Learn about the different job opportunities we are offering.

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