A selection of fiber-rich foods.

Unleash the Power of Fiber

For most people, reckless snacking derails their healthy diet, leaving them frustrated and overweight.

Do you eat a healthy lunch only to succumb to the vending machine an hour later? If you do, I've got good news for you: with just a few adjustments to your diet, you can effortlessly kick your snacking habit to the curb.

You see, the urge to snack happens when your blood sugar levels drop, giving your body the message that you need more fuel (enter the vending machine). This happens after eating meals that are low in fiber, low in calories, and high in sugar.

The solution? Eat meals that are filled with fiber and you'll stabilize your blood sugar levels, and feel full longer.

The Case for High Fiber

Researchers have done their homework on fiber and the results spell easy weight loss for all who listen. By consuming an extra 14 grams of fiber each day you can cut your calorie intake by a full 10 percent. People who consume more fiber (as low as 20 grams per day) weigh an average of 8 pounds lighter than people who consume low fiber (closer to 10 grams per day).

There are two main reasons that high fiber leads to weight loss:

  1. Fiber fills you up and stabilizes blood sugar for hours. This tames your appetite and protects you from needless snacking.
  2. Foods that are high in fiber aren't as calorie dense. When you fill up on high fiber foods you eat just as much, but take in fewer calories.

Breaking it Down

It's always easier to understand a concept like this when real life examples are given. So here's a review of a low fiber, high sugar diet that ‘Jane' was eating, and then we'll see the small changes she made to increase her fiber content and stabilize blood sugar:

Did you notice a trend in Jane's diet? While she kept her selections fairly low in fat, she hardly ate any fiber, which left her battling hunger all day. Her meals were also very high in sugar, which caused her blood sugar levels to jump up and plunge down throughout the day.

Here's the revised version of Jane's meals:

That didn't look hard, did it?

The Results

As you probably noticed, Jane's daily calories dropped dramatically after adding fiber to each meal. Her percentage of calories from fat also dropped, since her snack foods were high in fat.

This means that Jane is effortlessly losing weight simply by consuming more fiber. You can follow Jane's lead by evolving your diet to include higher levels of fiber. To expedite your weight loss be sure to include a consistent and challenging exercise routine.

The information in this article is for general educational purposes only, and should not be construed or interpreted as medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider regarding any medical condition or treatment, and before undertaking a new heathcare regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article or any linked materials.

Nicholas Vidal is a habit based nutrition coach and certified personal trainer who helps busy men and women to live a healthy lifestyle by utilizing a “strategic” habit based approach which leads to permanent results. Nicholas is the creator of PlantStrength.com, a hybrid approach to creating both inner and outer change through a blend of healthy nutrition and exercise. He also runs PlantStrength and Fitness, an online magazine loaded with healthy recipes, health/fitness tips, and mindset “hacks” to help you live a happier and healthier life.