Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Pre-Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is a special holiday.

It's one of the rare times of year we can get together with the ones we love in the spirit of thanks. Thanksgiving dinner is more than just a big meal. It's how we celebrate our gratitude for what we have in life. We strive to put together a special feast, not out of vanity, but as a way of conveying to those we break bread with their specialness.

The Thanksgiving turkey is the centerpiece of that feast, and here at Earthlight we want to provide you with a turkey that reflects your values and notions of quality.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, Earthlight is now accepting pre-orders for high-quality, organic and free range Thanksgiving turkeys.

Size brackets can vanish fast, so be sure to order early!

Choose Free Range or Organic

Our delicious, free range turkeys are free from antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides while being allowed to roam outdoors.

Our organic birds are fed certified organic grains, in addition to possessing all of the same benefits found in the free range variety.

All of our turkeys are certified gluten free and, for the first time this year, our turkeys are "Non-GMO Project Verified".

Available Sizes*

*Our suppliers are small, family-owned farms which results in excellent quality but—compared to larger, commercial operations—have a limited pool of birds. While we will make every attempt to match turkeys to the size requested by the customer, we cannot guarantee exact sizes and some substitutions my be required.


A $20 deposit is required at time of reservation.

†All prices are non-discountable sale prices, and cannot be combined with any other offers.